About Us

What is in a name? For Anchorheart though, everything is in the name.

Anchor stands for stability and confidence; while Heart for care and service. The name Anchorheart has been chosen for the precise reasons. We have the confidence to make sure all your employees will be paid on time, every time and that’s because we care.

The discussions for current payroll systems started one fine afternoon, over a nice cup of cream tea and some scrumptious scones. Having always been paid accurately and on time, I thought everyone else was paid in the same manner. Until that afternoon, I assumed that payroll is a simple process and that everyone was paid on time like me. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I heard complaints of irregular payments, incorrect payments, late payments etc. I thought this is not fair, each one of us deserves to be paid accurately and on time, every time. This afternoon tea took me on a journey of research. The journey started by studying HMRC Payroll legislations, the various systems available on the market and how good (or bad) they were! The findings – I was surprised that most of the existing payroll systems were old, slow, disconnected and not cloud based. There definitely was a need for a new, simpler, effective and collaborative payroll software.

I set out to look for the best developers, put together a team, trained them on payroll legislations and a year later we had our bespoke, cloud based system with an amazing set of features including GDPR compliance, Employer portal, Employee portal and validation checks at each stage of the payroll process! After thorough testing, using experienced industry professionals, this system is now available to serve you and your employees. Finally, Anchorheart was born.